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May 8, 2018: Congratulations to the 2017-18 Super Star Teachers!

The Foundation alongside the Putnam City Association of Classroom Teachers recognized 37 individuals as Super Star Teachers recently. This honor is given to teachers in the first or second year of their careers who consistently exceed expectations in building relationships with students, use teaching strategies to increase student engagement and work collaboratively to promote improved teaching and learning. Honorees were nominated for recognition by their principals.

Elementary Schools

Emily Campbell, Kindergarten, Apollo Elementary School
Jade Keith, Kindergarten, Arbor Grove Elementary School
Chelsea Hardesty Ponder, Resource Teacher, Arbor Grove Elementary School
Kristy Hall, 4th Grade, Central Elementary School
Kelly Burton, Resource Teacher, Coronado Heights Elementary School
Jessica Engle, Resource Teacher, James L. Dennis Elementary School
Jaci West, Counselor, Ralph Downs Elementary School
Haley (Brown) Hattler, 1st Grade, Harvest Hills Elementary School
Callie Morgan, Health Class, Hilldale Elementary School
Brittney Case, Kindergarten, Kirkland Elementary School
Amelia Brown, Pre-K, Lake Park Elementary School
Lindsay Davis, Kindergarten, Northridge Elementary School
Aubree Hurt, 3rd Grade, Overholser Elementary School
Megan Hayes, 4th Grade, Overholser Elementary School
Taylor Benson, 1st Grade, Overholser Elementary School
Stefanie Fast, Pre-K, Rollingwood Elementary School
Shadonna Watkins, Kindergarten, Tulakes Elementary School
Molly Sims, 4th Grade, Western Oaks Elementary School
Meishel Fry, 2nd Grade, Wiley Post Elementary School
Peyton (Brown) Whatley, Resource Teacher, Will Rogers Elementary School
Mary Beth Barker, Speech Language Pathologist, Will Rogers Elementary School
Kaitlin Owen, 3rd Grade, Windsor Hills Elementary School

Middle Schools

Laura Ogles, Art, Capps Middle School
Jessica Bowie, Computer Apps/Yearbook, Capps Middle School
Madison Staggs, Family and Consumer Science, Capps Middle School
Chad Griffin, 6th-grade Math, Cooper Middle School
Jacye Gunsaulis, Speech/Drama, Hefner Middle School
Emily Precure, English, Hefner Middle School
Kelcie Scarberry, Orchestra Director, Mayfield Middle School
Kacy Hibdon, 6th-grade English, Mayfield Middle School
Brookelyne Cooper, Resource Teacher, Western Oaks Middle School

High Schools

Christina Gillam Quatro, Biology, Putnam City High School
Zoe Schaller, 9th-grade English, Putnam City North High School
Ashley Hull, 9th-grade Biology, Putnam City North High School
Christine Cooper, Reading, Putnam City North High School
Michele Wornock, Algebra I/Math Analysis, Putnam City North High School
Whitney Broussard, 9th-grade Math Enhancement, Putnam City West High School

March 15, 2018: The Putnam City Schools Foundation Stands with Teachers

The Putnam City Schools Foundation stands with our district’s teachers in pressing the Oklahoma Legislature to find a revenue stream for both salary increases and adequate funding for our schools. We have seen firsthand the effect that funding cuts have had on our district, from a loss of qualified teachers, to reductions in programming for our students.

For decades, people have chosen to teach in Putnam City because of strong professional development and a sense of community in our buildings, but this will not continue if our state does not find a recurring revenue stream. In order for Putnam City to remain the district of excellence for which it is known, we must continue to find reasonable solutions to this funding crisis, and welcome the opportunity to support the district’s efforts to allow teachers the time needed to advocate for their students.

March 13, 2018: Announcing the 2017-18 Golden Apple Award Winners! 

Antinette "Cookie" Friday, Teaching Assistant, Tulakes Elementary

Becky Haliburton, Volunteer & School Board Member

Paula Hardesty, Attendance Secretary, Arbor Grove Elementary

Jason Hasty, PEP Grant Manager, Physical Education/Administration

Jeryl Lee, Crossing Guard, Ralph Downs Elementary

Brittani Phillips, Teacher, Putnam City North High School

Andrea Selfridge, Teacher, Hilldale Elementary

The winners will honored with a reception and award presentation during the April 2, 2018 school board meeting. Congratulations!

Click here for more information about the Golden Apple Awards program.

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